We are currently working on these projects:

DS Itauri


The shipwreck was located by ATD many years ago, but we still have not explored the shipwreck or its history thoroughly. We are revisiting Itauri in 2018 to get new HD video. The stern at 105 meters is still not visited, but we plan to do so this summer. Read more about DS Itauri and follow our progress here.

DS Heros


This is an old wreck that has been visited many times. We know this wreck fairly well, but not as well as it might deserve. It is a shallow wreck compared to many other trimix-wrecks, but it is in the middle of Saltstraumen – so special precautions need to be taken. We hope to get some decent HD video and perhaps a sample of her cargo. A prospect for a short documentary?

Elsaß / Oter I


Vorpostenboot 5705 “Elsaß” struck a mine and sank near Fleinvær southwest of Bodø on September 27th 1943. The shipwreck has not yet been located, but thanks to Erling Skjold we now have a decent place to start looking. We will be using a Yellowfin sidescan sonar that we are lucky enough to be able to borrow from Polardykk AS.

Other projects…

We are always considering new projects. We have for instance heard a rumor of a shallow place south of Bodø where you can get sweetwater right out of the ocean… Just a hoax, or is this true? We are also looking for coral reefs and undocumented marine life. There are probably still undiscovered species out there…