Year built: 1941
Length: ? meters
Tonnage: 527 GRT
Date sunk: 09.07.1942

Built by Ottensener Eisenwerke, Hamburg as Mobilmachungs-Fischdamfer nr. 6 in 1941 and converted to a submarine hunter. Commanded by Korvettenkapitan Wolfgang Kaden who perished in the sinking.

The shipwreck is fairly intact and rests uprigt at the bottom at 72 meters. The forward section was severed – but now rests only 20-30 meters from the main section. Pipe, mast and anti-aircraft-guns is still upright. A lot of depth-charges is inside and around the wreck, and we have also located a case of hand-grenades.

ATD diving at the UJ-1110 in August 1999.



Photo from the sinking… Many thanks to Erling Skjold for providing us with both photos and valuable information.

More information, photos and video will be added.